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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Zakynthos Zante Ionian Islands

On The way to Zakynthos

First part of way

Passing from Nafpaktos in Peloponnese we cross the bridge of Rio that for me is a marvel of technology specifically in this very difficult area. The ugly experience that we had from cause of bad streets, (specially Mpralos mountain) fortunately was compensated with the beautiful landscape of Nafpaktos but also the crossing of this impressive work. I propose you seat in cafe in the beach of Nafpaktos and you enjoy the splendid view to the bridge and Peloponnese. The street afterward the bridge (tolls roughly 10,15€) is very good and is continued with tunnel after Patras. In distance of roughly 60 kilometers crossing a line from bad and dangerous streets, without poad signals we reach in the Kyllini. a colorless formal Greek harbor for lorries etc but with big parking Attention if you do not want to find in the Cefalonia to remove tickets from ekdoti'rja that are found in the left side of harbor.

Second part of way
Δημοσίευση ανάρτησης
Kyllini Zakynthos (Zante)

The Way with who she is particularly pleasant because of the good quality of the boats but also very short after in 1 hour you reach in the harbor of Zakynthos. First view of the city from the sea is very nice after the residents of island afterward the devastating earthquake of decade the ' 50 attended build their city keeping her traditional ' style. The hotel where we stay was found in distance of 5 kilometers from the city in the tourist settlement Kalamaki. A relatively good hotel (Vanessa hotel) particularly economic with the 80% of tenants they are Europeans. The region is also the part where give birth their t eggs the turtles kareta - kareta

Third part
coast of turtles kareta - kareta

The region that give birth turtles their eggs is the gulf of Laganas where near in kalamaki village and it has very good sea no however as Chalkidiki. The people should put their umbrellas maximum 2 meters from the sea in order to do not bother or broken with umbrellas the eggs that they have put the turtles. In any case exist enough volunteers that give information and check the region. Do not wait for however to see turtles for the reason that they come out usually the evening where is prohibited the approach in the coast.

Fourth part
Zakynthos Light blue caves

Unfortunately or fortunately we could not make the tour of island with small boat from Zante because the time and thus we crossed distance 30 kilometers as the northern part of island and reached in Saint Nikolaos. A very graphic port from where they begin high speed ships for the light blue caves. Deserves somebody him it visits and swimming in green waters, from the boat (roughly 8€ the individual). Attention however the waters are frozen.

What we liked what we did not like that you would go what to see

We liked the hotel for the big spaces him the coasts of Kalamaki, Porto Koukla (specifically the bar made in the cave) the graphic small port of Saint Nikolaos, the spotless square of Zakynthos, the view from the castle, the light blue caves and the splendid coast (with pebbles) the Long seashore. Also us impressed the very polite behavior of the locals
It should you without fail go to the Mpohali for to enjoy the view of city, in the Candle for the sunset, in the shipwreck, in the church of Saint Dιonisios and you see the body of the Saint.
We did not like the mass and cheap tourism of Lagana as well as the for the most part off-hand and ugly shops of region. Also we specifically did not find a tavern of quality only that tourist shops (in the coastal regions and in the city) to same problem they had also a lot of other Greek tourists.
The general impression is in any case very good and it can somebody pass well and relatively cheaply one 10 days of interruptions.


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