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Monday, January 3, 2011

Dresden - Berlin

Thessaloniki Berlin Dresden

Thessaloniki Day 1 Berlin

With EasyJet flying directly from Thessaloniki to Berlin and we left 2 hours and something we got to the airport Sconefeld. While traveling for the first time with low cost company can not say that we had major problems . However, the total cost of tickets which we hold in January rose significantly since we bought the service speedy boarding due to the children who seemed particularly useful in the return flight had a lot of people.
The airport in Berlin is not the best in the world, but as I saw and was told, in the same area made the new airport when it started its operation will be shut down everything else in Berlin (the Templetonpf already closed and the same will happen to Tegel in about two years).
We received the car we rented and we started of Dresden and was the first time driving abroad. In my main equipment included GPS and made sure to buy before leaving for Greece and found the best assistant in my journey. The Dresden is about 180 km from the airport and my first impression was that show respect for all vehicles to cyclists who have a high priority on the roads. Once we left the highway we found that although the German drivers are far more typical than the Greeks did not comply with da religiously speed limits. The roads do not cause any problems and reconstructed in several ways. Also too many points are required to interrupt radar speed the Germans knew the items were.
The ride is very relaxing and passing the bulk of through dense forests.
In 2 hours we arrived in Dresden. The first impression was that this is a city of quiet, beautiful, picturesque and very clean. Crossing the main bridge over the River Elbe reached the historic city center and then to the hotel located in a huge pedestrian Pragger strasse, which is the commercial center and just 15 minutes walk from Old Town. This area is convenient for a stay and is just 5 minutes walk from the main train station.
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Second day Dresden
Walk down Pragger Strasse encounter many famous shopping malls (C & A, Carl strand, etc.) and is the final stage of construction and a really huge mall that occupies 3 or four blocks of the German press. And I say to the German press because the building. Squares of Germany has nothing to do with what size of Greece. But I would not recommend anyone to spend time to trade and has a lot to do in the city and begin:
Crossing over the pedestrian arrived at the central square flanked by new buildings with the architecture of Saxony, however, that prevailing in the past years. The square is also the concert hall and the city (not the opera). Following the road to reach the river in front of the cathedral city is the focal point for tourists but also for the city. It is worth the visit and domestic attention but only the hours allowed for tourists. Behind the cathedral there are horses and carriages of any kind to tourists.

Going to the Elbe and in the midst of a narrow street with cafes and restaurants reach the old gate was the entrance from the river to the city. The wide wall above the gate is an ideal place for walking and offers breathtaking views of the opposite bank of the Elbe. You will definitely find there a band playing classical music and street musicians playing local instruments was first seen.

Something that I should do a tour is certainly one of the barges on the river Elbe. We opted to do the tour with one of the oldest canal in the region, which departs at 15.00 and 9,11,13.00 every day and the cost is 12 € per person. The boat reaches the city Piplitc while in all the way to admire the infinite beauty of nature and the beautiful old castles and villas that are aligned with the landscape. Also very impressive are the old bridges that surround the river. The trip takes 1.30 hours.
In the evening the old city illuminated that I need a visit to the gardens of Zinger (museum) and of course the building of the opera from a balcony has lovely views over the river bridge and the Japanese Palace. Just ahead is a fantastic restaurant caféé (Tarachen) which has a balcony over the river where you can enjoy your drink in admittedly somewhat stung price. This side of town especially at night remind cinematic scene with blackened buildings (built again after the bombings of Americans in World War II). The night ended our ride across the Elbe where we pass the magnificent old-style bridge that connects the two sides.

What we propose
• Visits to museums and galleries of the city

• Cruise the Elbe
• Visit the Castle
• View from City Hall and the Opera
• Visit at night in the square in front of the Opera
• Dinner at Restaurant 1900 Dresden gastronomy house is decorated like an old tram station with very friendly staff and good prices on (every Thursday and Friday evening with a local orchestra music)
• Do try the local beer of Saxony served in all the outdoor shops.
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Third day Dresden - Berlin

As I said in about two hours, amid torrential rain and with the help of GPS we reached the hotel Seifelt located at a central point of Berlin near the most central shopping street Kudam. The area is very convenient for transportation of 5 minutes from Central Station and ten from the Europa Center. Our first impression was not the best one and returned from a picturesque city like Dresden. Of course the western part and especially the area we were not to offer something special to everyone. But the day really facts we denied. Let's go back but then it's our third day. The first visit we were in the hollow tooth that is a church that was partly demolished by the bombing and Berliners as the left has to remind the future generations that can destroy a person in seconds. The area reminded us a bit of Egnatia Street and Vardar region of Thessaloniki, the night together "strange world" but in no way feel unsafe. Due to fatigue our next stop was the Europa Center, which this time was closed and we are not particularly excited except the huge pendulum in the center of the trade that works with the flow of liquids.
What we propose
• Hotel Seifelt is a central location with good transportation and a good restaurant on the ground floor has a Greek owner. But you should know that the hotel seemed more pension and not 3 star as indicated in But it is clean, large rooms and great breakfast.
• As the first day we recommend a ride on the bus 100 N. circular route that makes all the best places in Berlin to be the ticket costs 2.10 € per journey (which unfortunately we did the first day)

Fourth day Berlin - Potsdam
The Potsdam is a small town just 30 km from Berlin. What you will see in the area of the green starts with the coming out of the city (by car). The landscape before you reach the town is great with rivers and lakes. Once we got into the city we saw a big square with a beautiful scenic street. Shortly after we visited a large arch that was the style of the arch of the Brandenburg. Shortly after we saw the beautiful graphics and very old houses. The Potsdam was a beautiful city and quite picturesque.

Returning to Berlin park the car in one of the many outdoor parking in the area of Philarmonie. The building Philarmonie although it is great there is nothing special as it is externally covered with scaly decorative metal. Internally, however, is a magic with the circular structure and the space to place the orchestra (in the center of the room). On the edge of the building there is a museum with musical instruments that will delight anyone who deals with music and more. The most striking instrument is a church which is considered one of the largest and as you said a professor at the University of Berlin, which originates from Trikala and we were fortunate to encounter in space, is built along the lines of ancient Greek courts. Shortly after we visited the Sony Center at Potsdamer Potsdamer strasse (has a small piece of the wall) is very close to Philarmonie. This is an impressive building with stunning roof yet what the open space created by buildings. In the area there are movies (4D), a Lego land restaurants and of course a branch of Sony.
Since that day we decided to xepodariastoume started for the Brandenburg Gate, which seemed very close but unfortunately no eta. Before reaching the gate we went through the Jewish Holocaust Memorial, which consists of marble blocks of different sizes placed in a large area and cause a real spectacle that causes your thoughts. At the edge of the monument is the museum which was not visited because of tiredness .. Immediately after the stunning Brandenburg Gate, which separates the two huge street 16 June and the Under De Linden (the way the lindens). The place was full of tourists and all sorts of kitsch (for our criteria) activities dressed as some German and American soldiers. Generally the whole area of the Under de Linden is what tourist area. After more back to the hotel and prepare for the night out that included dinner in the Jewish Quarter and the square hagenmarkt. Park the car (after the 8.00 parking is free in municipal parking lots) behind the red town hall. The region there is amazing but I'll mention below, since the other day we visited. Admittedly we left the car far away and walked one as the Jewish quarter over 20 minutes. But when we reached the square was filled with youth groups and was full of life. Everywhere jugglers and artists can imagine. Must be a party to the Berlin sleep really late.
What We propose

* Potsdam to visit only a sort time to visiting old castles and gardens.
* Philharmonie museum
* Lunch at Sony Center at the restaurant where you want to just crush prices
* Hacgenmarkt Jewish quarter for evening