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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thessaloniki Servia Kozani

Thessalonici Neraida Kozani
a splendid part for those that love the nature
Some friend that remained for some years in Kozani spoke to me regularly for the village Neraida thus therefore also i decided a trip with the family Saturday morning.

Thessalonici - Kastania - Monastery "Panagia Soumela

In order to goes somebody it can use or the New National road with the impressive bridges or the Kastania' that really is authorization from movement. We as excursionists that they like the adventure, we preferred Kastania in order to we make also attitude in Panagia Soymela'. The movement non-existent us vindicated for our choice.
We turned in from the village in order to we go to the Monastery and via a mountainous and abrupt street we reached in the square of church. Only somebody that it has goes it can it occupies the calm and the beauty nature but also the peacefulness that to you offers the church.

Kastania - Kozani - Neraida

Afterwards Kastania we afterwards directed to Kozani and to the village Neraida.
The artificial lake that is found in the region gives a other beauty in the mountainous landscape while the bridge that is manufactured is from biggest in the Balkans.
In the Fairy exist a lot of shops taverns that are famous for the varieties that they serve (mainly for the quantity).
A other way in the region is that of Fairy with Servia. The distance is hardly 10 kilometers. And in Servia you can find very good food (perhaps better than Neraida while a very good tavern are the one that is found in the Castles above from Servia with different view of lake, and very good prices in the food while you have the possibility for walking in a very beautiful and easy' path that leads in to the forest.
For those who like they throw glances "except the walls": in the return you visit the Ajani' walking opposite from the old bridge. The carrefour is found in the street Kozani of - Larissa little afterwards Servia.
Also there is a small town on the north of the lake called Velvendos. The place is very famous for the nice wines and for the biological products. The town is very beautiful and somebody can find some very nice traditional restaurants. One of those is " REMBH" . The place that is located called METOXI. You mast taste the pork and the white cheese the produce in the area. Velvendos is about 10 minutes from the bridge and you can buy traditional jams and suites in the shop behind of the public buses.


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