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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thesaloniki Elatoxori (Skiing Center)

Thessaloniki - Katerini - Elatohori (Skiing center)
GPS 22.264152 40.311695
Sunday beginnings November? near excursion therefore. The Elatohori is one from the nearest ski centers in Salonica. For the precision it is found 100 kilometers from the city. In order to reaches no one it crosses the national road Thessalonica Athens paying in the tolls of Malgaron 2. In three fourth maximum we found itself in the City of Katerini in which we enter (when we came from the side of Thessalonica) before the tunnel In order to we go to the Elatohori they exist two ways. He is all from the centre of city, with direction to Svoronos. Afterward from 10 roughly kilometers we reach in the forest afterward Svoronos and via a amazing forest begins the rise to the Ritini that is a village before Elatohori. The Street is in very good situation with turns but in no case tedious. Afterward the Ritini and in distance of 5 kilometers we meet left the old village of Elatohoriou. A village which in his bigger part has been renovated while are built also new houses with traditional style. In the small square exist taverns with leading at the opinion me the old school. The landscape is amazing with the nature around from the village. In the 150 meters it is the new village of Elatohoriou from where begins the street for skiing center Elatohoriou.
- Ski center The Way afterwards the Elatohorjifor ski lasts roughly 20 thinly.
The street it is good with turns that however do not puzzle the landscape as below he is astonishing with autumnal colors of trees. In the means of way we meet also a small tavern ( Petrino). In all forest exist small paths that can somebody him use for walks as well as enough sources. When we arrived in ski center thing exists parking above in the street for enough cars while a very friendly chalet offers very good music and good coffee. The skiing roads are small other can satisfy particular the new skiers and the children. An other way In order to we reach in the Elatohori we can go also from other street avoiding the center of Katerini. Concretely we turn for Katerini from the National road and when we find the LIDL in our left winger hand TURN left directed to the village Tile and then to the village Moshopotamos. The way lasts roughly 40 with 50 thinly but is in street with less turns but no so much beautiful landscape as long as the way via Ritinis. Impressions I believe that deserves somebody can visit Elatohori or is summertime or is winter and is compensated so much by the landscape what by the good food of region