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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Litohoro Pierias Mount Olympus

Travel to Litohoro Mount Olympus

Thessalonica Litohoro

Saturday November morning and the dull time predisposes excursion in mountain, fireplace and other such. The Olympus is advisable specifically this season where it does not have nor a lot of cold but reminds also winter. Thus therefore line st' car for the Litohoro. The way is particularly pleasant in National with the very fardy' and sure street. In least from one hour we found itself in their foot of mountain and in the graphic town of Litohoro. The mountain dominates behind from this. From the square exist enough destinations that it can select certain it is the street to the monastery that continues also to the shelters. A other for the gorge of Enipea, a really imposing landscape and a other to the side of mountain that is found the xenonas "Ktima Faki".

Litohoro - xenonas "Ktima Faki"
We we selected in first phase to go to xenonas "Ktima Faki", on the way through the village to the high school. In order to we find the right street we reach in the square and we select the street that goes to the mountain from the left side. Crossing enough closely and a lot of small roads we come out from the village and enter in the asphalt. The street is good and the asphalt in good situation while we meet enough xenw'nes. In five thinly we found itself in the carrefour that leads to winter. The street is set with gravel but very good and always through the forest. In 3 thinly we found itself in the winter who pops up through the trees. The view from this is really astonishing after he is built on precipice so that you have in the legs your not only Litohoro but also all Thermaikos Golf while left they appear Pieria ori.