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Monday, May 25, 2009

Crete a fantastic island in Greece

Tour of Crete

Chania Crete Heraklion Elafonissi
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Day 1 Piraeus - Chania by ferry
The afternoon we arrived at Piraeus and boarded the ship which had closed cabin. Like all ships, and so it was very salty and a price closed cabin after traveling with children (and cars)

Day 2 City of Chania
The hotel located in the center of Platanias, was hospitable and privileged part provide basic services.The price however was very good. The tourist area especially with many restaurants and bars provide many options for night-life. The beach it is organized with umbrellas, but not very clean.
Evening in the city of Chania
Day 3 mountains Chania - Floria
Climbing to the mountains of Chania, where we hosted by our friends in a village with only 15 residents The village called Floria. The road is steep but with good speed and drive through the village Kandanos on the south side of the island to Paleochora The landscape and the wild but enchanting journey.. after villages Voukolies and Kakopetros begins the forest and ravines. Village Flora is almost on the "neck" of the mountain and there is a square trees and a cafe where a stop for a rest is necessary for those traveling to or from Paleochora. Alsothere is a monument in memory of German soldiers who died during the occupation.
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4th days Kandanos Flora Paleochora

Floria is about half an hour from Paleochora is the largest southern port of Crete. The landscape is wild but magnificent where the village is tourism development efforts. The beaches to the right side of the village is quite good while to get somewhat out will find some other very quiet beaches. . In the center of the village there are lot of restaurants but we recommend the restaurants that are at the center of Kantanos (near church), which all offer excellent local cuisine. In Kandanos one can see the church and tried the sweetness of the local pastry shop. If you are lucky may participate in a local festival, which usually lasts until morning

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5th days Elafonissi

From Floria began to Elafonisi located southwest of the island. The road from that side through the woods while the usual path followed by someone from Chania Kissamos Platanias is through. Approaching Elafonissi the road passes through picturesque villages that are actually hanging from the mountainside. The road has several turns and wants attention.. Before reaching you mast to visit Chrysoskalitisa monastery which was poliorkithei by the Turks has obvious signs of bullets and shells in the walls. The view from there is amazing. After 5 kilometers to reach Elafonissi. Do not expect to see a beach with umbrellas etc, because the region is missing (and rightly so) as a reference to tourist facilities. The landscape is wild and beautiful and the sea is very good specially the most suitable for children. We went across on foot (across the sea), to the small island which had been less crowded. There are several beaches in the area that will certainly compensate. But it should be organized before you go for the reason that there is only one canteen (operated generator) and the prices are a little expensive.

6th day (Samaria Gorge Agia Roumeli)
From Chania with the local bus we started at 6.00 oclock in the morning for the Samaria Gorge. The bus arrived after 1 hour and something in Omalo and where is the entrance to the gorge.

7th day (Chania, Moni Arkadi, Peninsula)

8th day (Akrotiri Agios Nikolaos)

9th days Akrotiri Plaka Elounda Spinalonga

10 days Knossos Palace

11 days Heraklion - Rethymnon Heraklion

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Samaria Gorge said...

Samaria Gorge, the faranges for locals, has multiple routes. One route that starts from at Xyloskalo on the Omalos Plateau has spectacular view of white mountain going to untouched beach of Libyan sea. On the further path, there is a grey Sapimenos with lush valley. With music of winds blending into tunes of water in the deep scenery of flora & fauna is no second to god’s heaven on earth.