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Monday, December 20, 2010

Tournai Belgium

November months one month and not very convenient (since the beginning of winter) but due to holiday commitments of children we planned trip to Belgium. Specifically, our destination was a small town on the northern border of Belgium with France called Tournai.
H Tournai is one of the oldest cities in Belgium and is just one hour from Brussels (by car) arrives in town by a very good road network.
The town lies 20 km west of the French city of Lille and counts 50000 inhabitants who are all one and the Francophone region is the center of Walloon. The charm of it is what creates positive impressions to the traveler. All roads in the city, which is constantly renovated, is paved and surrounded by traditional buildings that are as beautiful decorative details and review and make many different wind vanes located on the roofs of some buildings.

What to see

Cathedral of Notre Dame cathedral a huge Gothic church in central square
Grand Place The central square of Tournai is the focal point of the city. From one of the many cafes and restaurants can one overlooks the tower, the Cloth Hall and many other beautiful buildings around the square.
Belfry of Tournai is located between the "Grand Place" and the cathedral, and is the oldest in Belgium. Formerly used as observation point and municipal fylaki.Perilamvanetai the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. To reach someone at the top will have to climb 257 steps but well worth the effort to make a climb to enjoy the magnificent view of Tournai and the surrounding area.

Princess d'Epinoy statue of Christine de Lalaing in Central Square

The small Cathedral Church of St-Quentin in the same square bell tower is almost as old as Notre Dame, Tournai of people call it "small cathedral."
Pont des trous bridge in the western part of town. Is said to be one of the most characteristic monuments of medieval architecture preserved in the western world. The bridge was restored after the Second World War
Hall. Paradoxically, the City Hall of Tournai is the Grand 'Place, but Abbatial neoclassical palace of the former monastery of St. Martin. This very opposite, you can visit the Museum of Fine Arts, housed in a building designed by Victor Horta, which houses an important collection of works by Flemish and Renaissance artists.
Conservatory built in the 19th century The dozen buildings that are built around the Grand Place
The many museums are the most important: , ART Nouveau Museum, Folklore Museum in Tournai Fine Arts Museum of Natural History, etc.

Where to stay

Proposes unreservedly "La Maison du Baryton" (Rue Jean Noté 13, Tournai). A three-story historic house where a famous Belgian baritone of the last century. The rental includes all the home at very reasonable prices
Cathedrale Hotel downtown with a nice garden


Tens of bars pubs and pizza (up Greek cuisine) are around the Grand Place). But it is worth close to browse around the cathedral where there are many French style bistro with values ranging from 20 to 30 € per person.
Certainly you should try the excellent local beer Jupiler which we liked very much.
The restaurant Beffroi de Tournai (main square) you can taste some local specialties, of course if we can agree with the waiters who unfortunately did not speak English
Are there physical and all known fast food chains in the malls at the city entrance.
Fries with different dressing in one of the many shops located throughout the city.

We liked

The magnificent layout of the city which has kept its medieval architecture
The Grand Place special evening with the illuminated buildings and all these historical monuments
The friendly attitude of the residents
The easy access to all sites
A stroll around the river
The La Maison du Baryton

We did not like

The cars  park in the center of the square spoiling the lovely views across
Whereas the city sleeps tooearly when the 20.00 after the move was too little
The dull weather

Overall Impressions

We consider it worthwhile to visit some of the provincial and city people-that which is truly a "doll" and knows how to combine and to respect the past and the present. The country's history (architecture, religion, etc.) is concentrated. It is also a point for excursions to the French north. Beer lovers should not ignore the region since in this produced a large number of chips


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