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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Greece to Paris

For this year's summertime we decided to make interruptions in the abroad. And one and was the first time where we would travel with the children in Europe we decided to go to the most popular city at my opinion which I had visited other two times PARIS.
One and we knew the city we drew our program is little different from classic that follows usually some tourist that travels with some agency. Thus we closed air flights (enough early in order to we achieve better prices) with CYPRUS AIR who is also the alone company that flies directly from Thessalonica.
As report the lodging we do not close a hotel but we rented apartment which was of course more economic but also in one from the better and centrally regions of Paris. Concretely the apartment is in the 5o apartment hardly few metres from Notre Dame Analytically the program of travel was as follows:

1st day
Departure from the airport Macedonia and without no delay we found itself afterwards from 2,5 hours in the airport Charles De Gaul. The driver of taxi that we closed via internet us waited for in the predetermined point that we had [synennoithei] and us she transported in the centre of Paris afterwards from a small conducted tour in mainly sights of centre. The apartment as I mentioned before they was found in [kentrikotato] point so that we have the luxury to be moved with metro in from 3 stations that were near. The same afternoon we visited the Notre Dame that was hardly 10 thinly from the point that we stay.wide front from the church was stiflingly full from tourists the himself of course and the shops around from this. Impression made us the cleanness of space. Opposite from Notre Dame it is the palace of Justice a imposing space with a amazing bridge that driver in the right bank of river.

2nd day
The second day began with qruasant and morning from a oven from the many that exist in the road Saint Germain MrsI then followed visit in the interior of Notre Dame where we admired splendid color glasses. Next station it was naturally the museum of Louvre in which we spent 5 hours that however deserved really the labour. In the museum we reached with the legs from the bridge of artists (Pont Art) one from the wooden bridges that has the Seine and for [mena] one from most beautiful in which does not exist case you do not achieve somebody event from artists. Then we visited the commercial centre in the underground of museum in which however became loss from the world. Deserves somebody it visits the shop with the various ecological products that exist in the space.

3rd day
Afterwards the morning and established qrouasant we began (with metro) we know the no tourist regions of Paris where with difficulty you will find tourists. Concretely we directed itself to southern Paris in the region of Alecia (attitude metro Alecia). The region has changed a lot from the last time where [episkeytika] with a lot of Chinese shops next to the classic shops that existed older with the stock clothes of bigger eponymous houses of fashion which now however appearred to me badly. Immediately afterwards we directed itself to the commercial centre of Paris and concretely in very refined rue Miromesvile. Here the things were very otherwise from that in Alecia with very beautiful shops and cafe with clean streets and parks. I salesmen and the waiters did not appear to me and particularly polite while [t]' English them they were really tragic in opposition with the world that circulated near t o house that we rented. Afterwards of lunch time that we took in brasserie the region we directed itself (with metro) to la villete. A enormous park in North Paris which was older slaughterhouses and amining at the upgrade of region was changed in a space of culture. The particular region round the park is particularly downgraded with residents for the most part immigrants of all nature. The police presence in the region was particularly intense. As report the park includes the museum of music (amazing) where exists line from activities so much for big what for children which can participate in orchestras and use the strangest bodies from Africa and from other regions of planet. Who under they exist enormous children's charms with a lot of activities fountain etc while particularly impressive is the glass ball GEODE which entertains in the interior her bigger IMAX screen of world. The screen is in point of fact impressive in which can somebody watch per half hour and somebody new film withoutare tired his eyes as it becomes in other smaller balls of such type. the all mentioned before park has airlifts and various ways that also only the visit in this is a beautiful adventure. Also in from what it passes also Saint Martin Canal in you can visited with special cruises that become. Immediately afterwards Geode exists the museum of technology which has a enormous aquarium as well as a forest from bamboo while outside from this exists effigy of submarine of Captain Nemo

4th day
The program includes visit in Disney. Using we reached him metro in the station Gare Du Nord via the other central station Osterlich. And the two stations are classic buildings while first has amazing [arch][itektoniki] so much in as long as also outside with the enormous clock. From Gare Du Nord [pir][ame] the line A of RER which terminates in the park of Disney. there everything are magic (for the children) and known from a lot of other site. What we did not like is that the park it closes early (8.00 P.m.) concerning the older years that it closed late the evening with parade of luminous chariots, fireworks etc the ticket it costs 49 for the adults and 40 for the children while the ticket rer (2 ways) costs round the 9 Euros.

5th day

Thetime was very rainy and for this decided we wander the centre of market and [gi]' this I wentwith to Gallery Lafayette one from [diasimotera] [yperkatastimata] the world. Objective our of course they were not precisely the shoppings but our visit in the amazing building that accomodates the shop and specifically in the cupola of building where they dominate splendidly [bitro]. The view from the flat-roof of building is also splendid and you see (the [piso] part) opera as all Paris. As I mentioned before front from Lafayette is found the opera of Paris, old because now exists also this place DEla Bastille.[To] building is imposing and [terasti]. Passing the underground we reached in the top of Sant El ofyse [diasimoteroy] street of Europe. In her top it is naturally the arch of triumph which is found in the centre of enormous avenues that shapes a star. Sant Elyse is always stiflingly full from tourists which [synostizontai] in really enormous pavements where exist all big [firmes] from cars until bags (Louie Vutton that is accomodated in a very beautiful neoclassic building). Is not comprehended tourist it goes to Paris and he does not walk in this avenue. In her beginning is found Place De la Concord and [lig]the below bridge of Big [Alexandroy].[Synechizontas] the big way of day took bus from Place De la Concord with direction Montmartre. We selected to go up from the [piso] side in order to we see closely alley but also the cemeteries which are as if you find itself in museum. In the top as it is acquaintance is found Sucre Care and for first time we entered in. It is a very beautiful temple with a lot of similar elements of Virgin Mary of Pares. In [skalakia] [Monmartri] exists crowd of world and musics that entertained them. The way down from the hill became now with the cable car and for our return used the underground the station of which is not also from sure Paris. Wants this particular attention all region.

6th day(Sunday)

Morning Sunday with the enormous park of Garden De Plant did not leave to us other choice than him to visit for few rest of afterwards maximum [podarodromo] previous days. The park was proved superior of our expectations and constitutes a oasis in t o Paris. Apart from the enormous trees that emanate from the all planet and the strange plants it exists also a complete zoological garden with a lot of interest for the children. The installations that in the old days were academic and spaces of experimentation and study, are old and refer you in the beginning ofcentury they are however exceptional and distributed thematic in such a way that can somebody him wanders in little time. The midday we passed in the opposite bank of river (station Gare Du Nord Rue Berci) in order to we board in bus that [t]' they name Balabus. The particularity of this bus is that it only functions Sundays (from April until September) afternoon hours and crosses first on side of river until New Paris (Defance) and in the return from the opposite side passing from all centrally sights of Paris. Tour it costs as long as a simple ticket (1,10 €) and certain from [t]' sights that pass are Place de la Bastille Notre Dame, Eiffel tower, Sant Elysee, Arc Triangle, Louvre, all t[i] city of Defance with the skyscrapers and the 40.000 permanent residents which the weekday days become 120.000 one and the city are full with offices, the statue to price of Lady Diana etc Deserves somebody it uses this bus specifically if it does not have it goes to Paris with tourist agency. The afternoon we went to the gardens of Luxembourg a really imposing park with the fountains and a lot of statues as well as the various bands that played in the region. In near distance it is also the Tower of Montparnase from where has somebody the better view of city. In the 55th floor it exists a coffee from where you can have unlimited view.

7th day
The time was rainy for this used for one last tour the boats (button bus) that belongs in the Municipality and is particular finances (11 Euros for the all day). In the boats you can board from a lot of stations that exist at length of Seine. It is a very good way to see who important parts of Paris and specifically when the time is not good for the reason that these are closed with transparent crystal offering very good view.