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Monday, March 29, 2010

Nikiti Sithonia Halkidiki Greece - Swimming race 23 km

Nikiti Halkidiki Sithonia Swimming race ,Toronaios
As it is mentioned before in other article of blog , Nikiti Halkidiki's it is a ideal place for summer interruptions so much for families and also for young persons. the all reconstruction exist near very good coasts that offer their dark blue waters in lucky that will visit him. A lot of world however, specifically into the village, spoils the more general picture as and the inconsequential infrastructures that are offered in their holiday-maker but also in the householders of seasonal residences. Somebody of the problems that potentially will meet somebody it is the lack of water for long times the day, big noise pollution from concretely coffee shops in the beach of village, minimal until non-existent pavements and the anarchist movement and quartering of vehicles, specifically in the coastal road that goes to camping "Saint Georgios".
In positive they are the very good prices that exist in the majority of restaurants (8 individuals in pizzeria with relatively big order we paid only 55 €), a lot of lodgings that exist in the region (if searches him somebody well will find maisonette for families in most excellent prices), the fact that somebody can find space in the beach that would not be occupied from deck chair of some enterprise, but also from the total of events that is realised mainly by cultural institutions of region.Biggest at my opinion of those of are [diaploys Toronaioy] golf (swimming race 23km. It is realised each year roughly in the end of July and is repeated continuously the last 38 years. The attendances are so much from Greece what from abroad while the parallel events are particularly interesting and many. Apart from the professionals athlete participate also enough do local that all their age (certain of them) they accomplish they terminate after continuous swimming of 12 - 14 hours. The support of athletes becomes continuously from fisher mens the region which appears particularly organised and acts jointly actively in the correct organisation. If all thesepositive they coexisted with the solution of problems of infrastructure then I would speak for a most excellent destination for the summer interruptions.
In the following photographs you can see certain snapshots from this year's diaplous Certain proposals for the shops that in my opinion are best.
Restaurants - coffee - products etc
Arsanas fish-tavern in the coastal road to the end of village (beautiful environment good service) Antigoni (fish-tavern) in the central jetty
The pizzeria that is found in first parallel the street of beach (next to the central road that it goes down in the beach)
Ice-cream in the old lodge that is found in the jetty Tour
Also you prefer your daily shoppings make him in small markets the village which the prices of do not differ a lot from those of super markets.
Don't forget you buy honey Sithonias which with few reasons is A R I S T O (perfect).
Also you will be supposed you order also ravani traditional sweet pie. The confectionery is found opposite by the pizzeria.
For swimming the best side of Nikiti is the camping Saint Georgios , however exist also other coasts little far from Nikiti and are Saint Ioannis , Trani Ammouda in Saint Nikolaos
The church of Saint Nikitas in the old village
all the old traditional village
Basilica Sofroniou that is found to the region of Camping "Saint Georgios"
The old small church of Saint Georgios]precisely opposite from the "Basilica Sofronios"


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Anonymous said...

nikiti is a very nice place I was there the last summer

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