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Friday, April 4, 2014

From Thessaloniki to Skopje through Slovenia

From Thessaloniki to Skopje through Slovenia

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Educators reasons imposed on us to travel for a family in the small town of Slovenia in Velenje. The Velenje located near Maribor and only 100 kilometers from the Austrian Gratz.For reasons of economy of money and time and discomfort chose to travel by road to Skopje and fly from Skopje to Ljubljana. The road to Skopje piece is pretty much known to most.Particular attention to the wants of the state road of Skopje which if not exceed the speed limit and got the lights you do not create any problem. Let the journey which must confess that I had a particular interest because of its transit through various means (cars, airplanes) from various borders. By reading the following description will understand. ROUTE MAP

1st day Thessaloniki - Skopje - Slovenia

We started from Thessaloniki in the morning with the idea that we need to be in Skopje airport at noon for our flight. The route to the border is common. The customs control when entering our Skopje there was no problem and I would say that the Skopje Customs was very friendly and helpful. as always Greeks drivers were those who were impatient and honk for the reason that delayed if the officer had to scan four identities. The movement of vehicles in the first approximately 60 km done in single lanes but which with a little care not pose a problem. On the way we saw a traffic police roadblock and that a relatively obvious point. After the first 60 km (after the old tunnel) and the other to the Skopje airport traffic streams are double with poor quality but road. Total spent 2 tolls that
pay 50 dinars each.The road improves clearly the closer one to the City of Skopje and is almost European specifications just before the City of Skopje and the airport. airport though small has all the basic service to travelers and is neat and new. The parking at the airport is safe and costs about 25 € from the three days over which that very cheap from the corresponding Greek. 's flight from Skopje to Ljubljana conducted by Adria airlines and lasted one hour and 10 minutes. The cost of the ticket (return) was only 102 €. Airport Ljubljana small and relatively old and not of the nicest we've seen officials but was quite helpful. Since our destination was the Velenje we got the car we rented through internet and headed to the northern border of the country of Austria. The road very good with several new tunnel construction and very well marked. He wants a little attention to trucks which systematically violate speed limits and driven largely risk. After about one hour driving left the highway and took the provincial to the Velenje. The road too narrow enough to cut through a forest of alpine character. Because of rain but the darkness was not the easiest to drive. Arriving in the town in which the plant species known electrical company Gorenje, we found a fountain and an artificial ski slope indeed very impressive.

2 to 3 days  Velenje is constantly updated in the coming days will be completed ........... ..................................