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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Travel to Poligiros Nikiti Sithonias Halkidiki

Thessaloniki Poligiros Nikiti Halkidiki
Nikiti Thessaloniki

Below we will describe two different routes from Thessaloniki to go Nikiti. Both are equal in distance, but one which is short and the other which is very picturesque. We however prefer what graphic through Poligiros

1) Thessaloniki Poligiros Nikiti 97 km around 1:40

From the center of Thessaloniki (or the District) follow the K. Karamanlis (old name :New Egnatia) by the end of from where begins the highway to Halkidiki. Immediately after the mall "Mediterranean Cosmos" and the "Magic Park" turn to Thermi (overpass). Follow the road to Galatista who wants a little attention because is old and narrow.Generally the road is good (except the part Thessaloniki - Galatista) with a very nice landscape. The distance to Poligiros is just 50 kilometers and takes about 40 minutes. Halfway through and going to a village Cholomonta Agios Prodromos which is famous for souvlaki. You must make a stop for lunch and to drink water from the source located in the village. If I do not want to go in the village, after the intersection of Agios Prodromos in Poligiros and 2-3 km you will find two restaurants. We prefer the second which has very good kebabs and other traditional dishes at cheap prices (family of 4 typically pay 30-35 €) and very good service and are equally beautiful and the environment.
Poligiros is the Holy Forerunner 15 minutes and the journey despite the speed is very pleasant and lush mountain environment. The city of Poligiros least in the center maintains a color from the old days with beautiful mansions and cafes in the pedestrian zone. We get bread from the oven still uses wood and located in the middle of the pedestrian and sausages with orange from the local butcher. Also you can visit the site with 6 taps where there is a great park with bar and restaurant. We suggest, however, drink coffee in the pedestrian street (in principle) below the plane.
Poligiros Nikiti route map Poligiros Nikiti

Cross Poligiros (from the center of the path is shorter and seeing all the above) and head towards the Sithonia and from Nikiti The route is relatively small since Nikiti is around 40 km (about half an hour). After 15 km from Polygyros and if we follow the downhill road to Sithonia is very good reach the intersection of Gerakini Turn left and enter the path of Sithonia. The trail is a nice neutral and the points are those before Ormilia village by the sea side where there are some good beaches. After the junction of Ormilia will find on the street outdoor shops selling local fruit and produce. Do not hesitate to buy one and they are always fresh and reasonably priced. In order to buy honey stand for below where Nikiti famous for its excellent quality honey produced. After Ormilia to your right there on the mountain monastery of Agios Arsenios (click here for route map). The monks have done a great job and the monastery is one of the most modern available in Northern Greece. I think that is worth a visit and is 400 meters away from the road and you definitely by the magnificent view of Halkidiki. Continuing the journey is wonderful with the landscape changes from the various beaches are ten minutes after the Transfiguration will find yourself in Nikiti. The path above the recommended both for its beauty and for this reason that there is so much traffic especially on Sundays in the summer

2) Nikiti Thessaloniki 100 km (around 1:10 time travel)

The second alternative route is the most classic being followed most Thessalonians and is the quickest and comfortable. In order to follow this path we only have to take the highway Moudania and Thessaloniki to follow the road with two-way flows to Moudania. The route is flawlessly if the road is long and separated from the oncoming of barriers. You only need to be careful to get out right after the exit Moudania in Halkidiki. The first village after leaving the highway is Agios Mamas in which each end of August this Comfortable one of the largest trade fair of Greece. If you happen to pass through the area this time you should definitely visit. The next point to be careful before you reach the intersection of Gerakini is the village of Kalives from which you pass through and should reduce speed to 50 km because there is always traffic. After arriving in Kalives shift Gerakini and follow the same route described above. We recommend this route for whatever they want to reach quickly at their destination safely and without much fatigue.


Nikiti is a village that has grown a lot over the last decade with the reconstruction of many cottages. The sea is very clean and great coast effect is an attraction for many tourists. Apart from the modern city with the comforts there is the old settlement which attention has been urbanization in recent years and so have been paved with stone roads maintained homes etc. The amenities offered are many and can be covered in all areas needs of both young people and families. The heart of the village is the main marina where you assembled the bulk of the taverns. The region however we liked is the right of the main road to the new marina where things are more quiet. There is also a very good restaurant on the ground floor Sithonia. Except the great sea more interesting places to see and go in Nikiti consider the following: The Basilica of Sophronius ancient monument is maintained very well especially the mosaic floor (click for map). Directly opposite is the years since the ancient church of St. George was built on old churches have been destroyed. For swimming outside the coast of Nikiti you can visit in the next beaches are the Kastro, Agios Ioannis and the great green sea Akti Koviou.Nikiti web* Sale of land in the center of Nikiti village

Nikiti Sithonia golf

We propose for food* Poligiros Area* Souvlaki in Agios Prodromos and which restaurant you want from the many that exist* Good food at 6 Vrises* Agioneri after Poligiros going to Sithonia (where has the world will have to wait several ....), in a beautiful natural environment* Nikiti area* In the tavern of Kazani going beach for camping* The tavern has a traditional village square for good meat (going for the old church)* For Gourmet natural food in the hotel "Danae" 5 km before NikitiWe propose for accommodation* For hotels you can choose the Lilly Ann situated almost in the village and has a swimming pool etc.* There are hundreds of rooms to be selected carefully and the best part of Nikiti for bathroom is on the side of Camping "Agios Georgios"* Close to Nikiti hotel Makednos built on a lovely beach. It features a pool, etc., located 7 km after Nikiti on the way to Marmaras.* Camping Agios Georgios if you want one of the best camping Sithonia located 10 minutes outside Nikiti towards Marmaras and said Mitari.Also for families there is a nice complex of modern appartmens called "Philippos"

Marine yacht

Nikiti Beach
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